Nomad Universal Cable


We’ve provided you a multitude of choices on these web pages for methods to tame the cable television rat nest, every one of them stylish in their very own method. But below’s a manner in which allows you bring simply one cable rather than 3. It’s one more innovative concept from Nomad, the brand name in charge of battery chargers, instances and also various other devices that make contemporary technical benefits much more practical.

The Universal Cable includes a conventional USB on one end to attach to your source of power (wall surface adapter, battery packs, etc), while the various other end has the choice of 3 various suggestions — Lightning for your iPhone/iPad, USB-C for your more recent Android phones and also laptop computers, and also mini-USB for practically whatever else. It’s around a foot long and also covered in 500 denier nylon in a ballistic weave so it remains portable and also won’t damage down and also weep if you provide it hard usage.

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